Dr. J. Brooke Lewis DMD

I first met Dan at Buxmont Dental Lab when he came into my office soliciting 5 years ago. I was working on a full upper Zest Locator implant case that another lab had started. Due to their inexperience they couldn't finish the case. Dan assured me that he had a procedure that would guarantee the success of this case. He started by fabricating a denture base with the locators processed in it, and a bite block on top to establish the vertical. The next visit with my patient I inserted the base with the bite, and instantly, the locators engaged beautifully. From there the case went from try-in to finish flawlessly. Dan has been a wonderful addition to my practice. He is always available for case consultations, whether it's the finicky patient that has never worn a denture, or the patient who wants to match a tooth arrangement from an out of focus 20 year old Polaroid.

Caroline Hsu DMD – All Smiles Family Dentistry PC

Buxmont Dental Lab is the perfect combination of friendly professionalism and superb quality. Final products take minutes to deliver leaving patients thrilled with my dentistry. Little do they know that my awesome lab is the secret weapon to their happiness.

Tracy Reinhart – DMD FAGD

I have been using Buxmont Dental Lab for many years now. I consider them part of our dental team. Dan delivers excellent quality lab work. I don't have to ever worry about delays in getting lab work back on time and even works with me if I need it expedited. He is easy to contact and makes every effort to have open communication with his cases.

Dr. Paul Schnupp

Any concerns I had in the past with dental labs ended when I started using Buxmont Dental Lab. Other labs were getting bigger and bigger and harder to communicate with. At Buxmont, any questions you may have about a case are answered by Dan. Dan takes great pride in his work and wants us to be 100 percent happy with the quality of his work. I can't thank Buxmont enough. I have become a better dentist since using Buxmont Dental Lab.